SLS GT3 - PART 15 - Bodywork Details

It’s time for the last details concerning the bodywork. Photo etched (PE) mesh from the Hobby Design detail up set was painted black and applied to the front and hood intakes. The small fins on the hood intake were covered with bare metal foil. The same happened to the Mercedes star and the leading edge of the front intake seperator.

Speaking of the hood: On the inside you can find channels that direct the air from the smaller front intakes (one of the previous posts) to the ones attached to the cockpit. The carbon decal on this side of the hood couldn’t be applied until the silver paintjob was done. The channels are made of styrene, the carbon decals are self printed because the area is pretty big and I ran out of stock carbon decal sheets.

Turned out very good with a layer of Vallejo Gunmetal Grey underneath the black/transparent decal!

The hinges of the hood were taken from Revell, the corresponding brackets on the rest of the bodywork were scratch build to fit under the dashboard.

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